Figuring out where to start when building your website or getting started anywhere on the internet can be tricky. Below you will find resources that I use and recommend that you should too if you are to go down this path. 

I have the resources linked to the websites. I have arranged them in the order that is easy to follow. 


First step in getting a digital real estate is acquiring a domain name. This would be a name that you have decided to use for your business. For example, you sell printers; then your domain would be something like

A few things to do before buying a domain. 

  • Check for availability of social media page. 
  • Check if another business already uses the name.
  • Keep it short if possible.
  • Choose a name that’s easy to remember. 
  • Choose a name that can be branded.

Google Domains


Second step once you have acquired a domain name is getting hosting. That’s simply where your website files will be stored. There’s a few companies that offer this service. The one that’s highly recommended and one that I personally use is SiteGround.

When choosing a hosting company there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Cheap doesn’t always mean a good deal.
  • How well will your website perform? 
  • How good is the customer support?
  • How much storage do you get.
  • As your business grows, how easy would it be to scale?

SiteGround removes all the guesswork on all everything I mentioned above. 

SiteGround Hosting