Search Engine Optimization or SEO is crucial for the marketing and ranking of your website. Search engines are the primary source of online traffic, and WordPress makes SEO easier as it is the best Content Management Software (CMS) there is. With approximately 35% of all websites relying on WordPress, WordPress has proved to be the best CMS for SEO. 

Below are 12 Reasons Why WordPress is Best for SEO.

WordPress Focuses On User Experience.

The themes and plugins on WordPress work together to create professional, attractive, and user-friendly websites. Google and other search engine algorithms favor websites with excellent user experience over those with poor user experience. The HTML markup on your website, such as H1, is optimized to be recognized easily, making users enjoy your site. WordPress is optimized to make attractive professional and easy to use websites that make them have a higher ranking and a low bounce rate on search engines.

WordPress Allows You To Create Appealing Permalinks.

WordPress SEO allows you to create and edit your website’s permalinks easily. It makes it easy to rewrite your permalinks to easy, well-flowing ones that suit your tastes and preferences. WordPress SEO also allows you to incorporate keywords into your permalink, which also boosts the ranking on search engines. It is common for search engine algorithms to favor permalinks with keywords making WordPress the best CMS for your website. Pretty permalinks also increase the click-through rate, which also boosts your website ranking, attracting more traffic to your site.

Easy image Optimization.

Images are crucial for your website’s ranking, and even more critical for your blog posts. They break the blog into readable parts and help drive the message to the reader’s understanding. They are crucial for SEO, and WordPress has features that make image optimization better. Below are some of the reasons why WordPress SEO makes image optimization easier.

Easier Management of Metadata.

SEO titles and metadata affect how search engine algorithms deem your website’s relevance. They allow search engine crawlers to understand the relevance of your website and what it is all about. WordPress uses plugins such as Yoast SEO, which makes adding metadata and keywords to the metadata easier and faster. WordPress SEO Yoast is a plugin for WordPress that automates metadata on your websites.

WordPress Allows a Faster Load Speed.

A webpage loading speed is a crucial factor in Google ranking in mobile search. A fast load speed pushes you on the upper scale of Google SERPs, and vice versa. WordPress is equipped with plugins that improve the website’s speed. For example, you can use ShortPixelImage Optimizer to compress past images and PDF documents to boost the load speed. In addition, another plugin, WPOptimize that cases your website, clears databases and also compresses images on your site to boost the load speed. All you need to do is download the necessary plugin and increase your webpage load speed.

WordPress is Optimized For Mobile Usage.

With mobile phone usage growing rapidly over the past decade, usage of the internet on mobile devices has grown too. This implies that websites need to consider mobile usage. WordPress is optimized for mobile use, and it allows for the creation of mobile user-friendly websites. It has already been optimized for your sites on mobile devices, and there is no need to consider coordinates and other HTML codes to make your website user-friendly. The user-friendly nature of the WordPress mobile usage plugin also boosts the website ranking on Google.

Assists In Marketing Campaign With Social Media.

Social media has gained popularity over the last few years and is a great marketing strategy. It is considered the best brand promotion platform, and success on social media has a good impact on your SEO, boosting your online marketing. WordPress allows you to create customized social media buttons for your blog. This makes it easier for users to share your content WordPress also allows you to add your social media feed to your site for more comfortable sharing. You can even automate your social media marketing campaign using the great plugins.

It has Amazing plugins Designed specifically For SEO.

WordPress makes website optimization for search engine ranking simpler. By installing the right plugins, SEO is made more accessible by WordPress. Here are some popular SEO WordPress plugins:

WordPress SEO Yoast plugin is designed ideally for optimization of the content that you write with your focus keywords. It also allows you to create content that is readable for both humans and search engine algorithms. Finally, it also helps in the provision of SEO titles and meta descriptions through templates integrated into WordPress.

This plugin allows for the easy creation of XML sitemaps. Sitemaps make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand your site structure. This plugin also allows for automated ‘notification’ of search engines of new content each time you publish new content. This boosts your ranking and increases traffic on your website.

WordPress Google Analytics is designed to be ‘easy’ and ‘powerful.’ This means that you don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard to see your Google Analytics Report. It is already integrated into your dashboard, which makes it easier to use. It allows you to study the pages that are outstanding on your website with detailed statistics. Also, it will enable you to see how many clicks your banner ads, affiliate links, and outbound links get easily.

With the right plugins, you do not have to be a code developer to make your website attractive or search engine optimized. All you need to do is download and install; then, all is taken care for you.

WordPress Makes It Easier To Integrate Software Tools.

With WordPress, it is easier to integrated other software tools into your websites such as Google Analytics, Yoast, Sucuri, ConvertKit, and G Suite. ConvertKit is ideal for Email campaigns, landing pages, and forms. Sucuri is best for security, while G Suite is suitable for documents, spreadsheets, and Emails. This software can be used to boost ranking on search engines when incorporated into your site.

SEO-Friendly Themes.

Excellent website design is essential for a high ranking on search engines; Just as keywords and meta descriptions are. WordPress is designed with SEO-friendly themes for you to use on your website for SEO. Quality themes will help attract search engine spiders into your site that will make Google and other search engines recognize your webpages as relevant, leading to a high ranking.

WordPress Offers Extra Website Security.

WordPress akes a consistent effort to make your website more secure. When Google identifies your website to be unsafe or not secure, it leads to its labeling as spam or harmful. This may lead to the failure of your website to be indexed. With WordPress, security vulnerabilities are identified immediately by the security team and community. This leads to a notification on your part, and with the right adjustments, it is easy for you to maintain your website’s security.

In addition, there are many security plugins such as WordFence Security that creates an extra layer of security for your website and its users.

WordPress Offers Community Support.

With WordPress, it is easier to get access to help if you need some from community support. You will only need to visit WordPress Community Support forums, and you will engage with the community there. In addition, due to WordPress SEO popularity, there are plenty of third party websites, tools, and videos available for use that offer additional support and information.

WordPress is the ideal content management software for your site’s SEO. With easy to install plugins that facilitate the optimization of your websites such as Yoast, Google Analytics, Google XML Sitemaps, G suite, Sucuri, and ConvertKit, it is easier for you to optimize your website for Google and other search engines ranking. WordPress offers the necessary security for your website and allows Google to recognize any changes you make to your website, improving ranking and traffic. Finally, WordPress also makes it easy for you to boost your site’s speed through compression of images and documents on your website, making your website more user-friendly.

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